2013 Growers Rob, Nicole and Elliott with Rebecca and Paul

2013 Growers Rob, Nicole and Elliott with Rebecca and Paul

Apprentices who have completed one growing season at Fort Hill Farm may apply to be considered for a Grower position. Growers will review and refine farming skills learned in the first year, and add new skill sets required to manage a small scale farm. The position will start the first Monday in March and end in mid-December. Hourly work may be available before and after above dates

Possible Farm Management responsibilities:

  • first choice for tractor operations (i.e. cutting beds, stale bedding, transplanter, compost spreading/management, mowing, disking, spading, etc).
  • drip or overhead irrigation management
  • farmers’ market management
  • wholesale produce account management
  • PYO management:  flowers, herbs, vegetables
  • crew leader for planting, weeding, and harvesting tasks
  • farm machinery repair projects
  • crop foliar testing and nutrient management
  • fruit tree management
  • pest scouting and pesticide applications
  • crop seeding (high density seeding and planet Junior seeders)
  • crop cultivation (multi tool Hak cultivators, basket weeders, tine weeder, AC G tools)
  • cover crop seeding

Compensation for the Grower position includes:

  • farm produce
  • hourly wage with overtime pay and merit based raises
  • approximate work load:  March, 25-35 hours/week; April-May, 40-45 hours/week; June-September, 40-50 hours/week; October,40 hours/week, November 35-40 hours/week).
  • $1000 year-end bonus

Growers may choose to live off the farm, or rent a room in the crew house.  Growers are responsible for weekend chores one weekend per month.