Shareholder guide

Fort Hill Farm CSA Shareholder Guide

Welcome to Fort Hill Farm CSA!  We want you to enjoy the CSA, and also keep everyone safe during your visits to the farm. The purpose of this document is to address distribution, communication, parking, and payment issues you may encounter during the season. You should keep this for as long as you are a shareholder in the Fort Hill Farm CSA. If you have any questions or concerns that are not discussed here, you can contact us at or by phone 860-350-3158.

CSA Season Start-up:

  • The CSA starts in late May or early June each season. We will send you an email by mid May with the exact date.

Harvest Card CSA distributions

  • Fort Hill Farm has a unique distribution system that allows you to customize your share. We use a “Harvest Card” system which allows you to take just the produce you want, in amounts that make sense for your family.  You charge up your card with funds, at a discounted rate, in winter.  Then come to the farm, select what you want, and we check you out and deduct from your balance.
  • Your funds can be used at the Farm, and at New Milford Summer and Winter farmers markets only.  Plants and farm store products are included.
  • One card per family please.  To share with a spouse, just snap a picture of the card, or write down the number.  We also have your card number at the farm if you forget.
  • Any left over funds will roll over to the next season.
  • Directions to the farm are available here.
  • Shareholders may pick up at any of our three distributions:  Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Skip a week, or come multiple times in one week, its very flexible.
  • Please do not bring dogs or other pets to the farm.  We do not have shade in our parking area, and dogs are not allowed on the farm.

The Newsletter:

  • The Newsletter is THE way for us to communicate with you throughout the season. Any important information that you need to know will be printed in the newsletter. It is your responsibility as a shareholder to read it! Please notify us as soon as possible in the event of an email address change.
  • Please make sure is in your “Contacts” list.  This prevents our emails from ending up in your spam folder!
  • We also include produce storage, handling, and recipe information in the newsletter.
  • When possible we also include information on what you can expect to see in the coming weeks.
  • Every newsletter also has a list of available Pick Your Own crops.
  • The weekly newsletter is emailed to all shareholders and to email addresses you may have given us for family members. You can also view the newsletter online. Visit and click on the Farm News option on the left hand side of the home page. Newsletters are posted on the web site weekly.

Sharing a share:

  • We offer shares in four sizes, so there’s no need to split a share.  One CSA Harvest Card per family, please.

Shareholder Payments:

  • Payments made for your share must come from only the primary shareholder (i.e. the name the share is listed under).
  • Please make checks out to Fort Hill Farm.
  • Payments may be MAILED to the farm at

Fort Hill Farm

18 Fort Hill Rd.

New Milford,CT 06776

  • Please DO NOT drop off payments in the farmer’s mailbox.  They often get picked up by the postman sans stamp and return address, and then wind up lost in the mail.
  • We update you on your current Harvest Card Balance after you check out each week.


  • No problem!  Got a busy week?  Away on a trip? Come and see us on the next week.  You don’t lose any of your share value, and there’s no “pressure” to get to the farm.  We want you to WANT to come to the farm to get our fresh, local, certified organic, great tasting veggies.

Pick Your Own (PYO):

  • Some of our crops (strawberries, herbs, beans,  and flowers) are available as Pick Your Own.  When possible, we also open our snap pea and cherry tomato patches to picking.
  • PYO crops prices and locations are written on a board and displayed in the barn. Appropriate containers are provided. If you are unsure of container sizes, ask a farmer for help.
  • PYO hours begin 30 minutes before and end 30 after distribution times (distribution times listed above). 

At Fort Hill Farm:

  • When at the farm it is imperative that you DRIVE SLOWLY in the parking area. This is a workplace. Farm vehicles are in operation, please give them the right of way by stepping off to the grass. There are also many children. We want our shareholders and farm workers to feel safe. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY!
  • Please park in designated areas only. There will be easy-to-see signs to guide you.
  • When entering the fields for Pick Your Own, please stay on the grass roads and only enter cropped areas that are marked for Pick Your Own. Do your best to walk in the pathways when picking, and be kind to the plants.  If you are not sure where to walk, ask a farmer or a fellow shareholder.
  • Children are not allowed on or near the farm tractors or implements for the tractors. These are large, very heavy, and dangerous machines. For your and your family’s safety we ask that you please abide by this rule.
  • Please respect the privacy of the farmers and the place that they live by limiting your farm visit to barn and fields.  You are welcome to walk along the farm roads to check out the crops but please stay out of the fields unless in a pick your own patch.

Share Renewal:

Towards the end of the season we will email you when renewals are open.  We will also print reminders of renewal deadlines in the farm newsletter

  • Shares can be renewed by the Primary Shareholder only (i.e. the persons’ name that is on the renewal form)
  • Shares are not transferable
  • Deadlines are firm! All renewal forms and deposits must be postmarked by the deadline listed on your form.

Thanks for being a part of Fort Hill Farm CSA, and we look forward to seeing you at the farm!