CSA waitlist – closed

Thanks for your interest in Fort Hill Farm’s CSA program! Our wait list is currently closed. If you have put your name on the wait list in the past, rest assured that we will mail you complete information on the CSA when your number comes up.  The wait time is currently about 4-5 years. Check back to this site on January 1, 2017 to see if we’ve been able to open up the wait list.

In addition to our CSA, we also attend the New Milford and Westport farmers’ markets, and our produce is available at New Morning store and area restaurants.

For the past 8 years we have rented 2 acres of land on a year to year lease (about 15% of our land base) from a local land owner (not our Sunny Valley Land, we have a secure lease on that) .  We have been informed that we will lose that land this season and are finding we need to reduce the number of CSA shares we sell, which means we can put fewer people on from the wait list.  The wait list has become pretty long and in order to avoid frustrating folks we’re just going to give it a few years rest.

Community Supported Agriculture is as much a movement as it is a farming business. We want to see more organically managed CSA farms in the area, and encourage you to support those that are currently up and running. To find other CSAs in the area please go to www.localharvest.org. You can also find a list of Connecticut organic growers, CSA’s, and farmers markets (CT has over 60!), at www.ctnofa.org.

Please note that not all Connecticut CSA programs use organic growing practices  Most of the growth in CT CSA shares sold over the past 5 years has been from conventional growers converting all or part of their operations to CSA.  If you are looking for organic produce, you should ask the farmer of any CSA you are considering to describe their growing system, including the use of synthetic pesticides.

The primary limiting factor to getting more organic CSA farms and more organic local produce is that new farmers have a difficult time renting or owning high quality land (flat, fertile, stone free, well drained, and loamy) due to extremely high land costs and rapid development of Connecticut farm fields. There are organizations that are working to preserve Connecticut farmland, please go to www.workinglandsalliance.org to find out more.

Thank you for your support of local organic farmers!